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Jun 9, 2021
'Missions' are activities hosted by Arkitect that members can sign up for where they complete an assigned task and get compensated for the time they spent completing the mission's objective.

20% of every item sold in our store goes towards funding these missions.



At the end of every month, Arkitect will put 20% of our profits for that month into our 'Missions' vault. This will be used to fund our mission projects.

Examples of what some typical missions would be : Spend an hour cleaning up a local park, spend an hour learning an instrument, do chapter reviews of books, spend an hour exorcising, ect.

Each individual mission will have its own reward.

Available missions can be found within their respective category in the missions section of our site. To view the mission section, click here.



Every member that completes a mission will be given a basic profile in our statistics page. This profile will have how many missions they've completed, what missions they have done, and their Ark level.

The more missions you do, the higher your 'Ark Level' will be. The higher your Ark Level, the more you get paid per mission.

For more about Ark Levels, including their influence on earnings, click here.

To see our profile and statistics page, click here.



- Humanitarian Missions : These missions will focus on basic things such as cleaning up parks, volunteering at missions, volunteering at food banks, ect.

- Knowledge Missions : These will be divided into two sections. 'Video Reports' (watch a youtube video from our video list and do a quick report/review of it) and 'Chapter Reports' (do a chapter review/report after you complete a chapter from a book on our book list).

- Fitness Missions : These missions will be centered around basic fitness activities.

- Arkitect Missions : Missions centered around spreading Arkitect membership and awareness.

- Mission Evolution : These missions will be centered around Mission accomplishments.

- Partners and Sponsors : These missions will be centered around engaging with our sponsors that help keep us running and help make missions possible.



Standard Solo Missions :
Anyone can apply to do Standard Solo Missions.

Standard Team Missions : Any team of 3 people can apply for Standard Team Missions.


Premium Solo Missions : Members must have a store subscription to be eligible for Premium Missions.

Premium Team Missions : Members must have a store subscription to be eligible for Premium Missions.


Not every mission will give a monetary reward. But the ones that do, the payout will depend on what level you are. The higher your level, the slightly higher the payout.

To see more about mission compensation click here, to see how your level influence your mission payouts, click here.

Note : Not every mission will pay a monetary reward. Missions will often vary in the rewards they offer. Each mission will have its reward listed in its mission details.


We are currently in the process of partnering with the U.S. National Forest Foundation (by enrolling in their small business partnership program) to arrange that every time one of our members reach level 5 and level 10, a tree gets planted in priority areas within a national forest. One tree for level 5, One tree for level 10.

We will update the community as soon as the process is complete. Any event of level 5 or 10 getting reached before we are accepted will still count towards planting. We will track the numbers and send the corresponding donations when accepted.


To learn more on how to become a member and apply for a mission, click here.


If you would like to support our mission program, we would be honored to have your consideration.

Our donation options are as follows...

- Patreon : Coming Soon
- PayPal : Coming Soon

80% of all Mission donations go directly to fund standard missions that anyone in the world can sign up for, for free. No store subscription or mission key needed.

10% will go towards network operation, general upkeep, and towards development of our app and improved mission focused website. And the last 10% will go towards team support.

We humbly thank you for your consideration.


If you have a channel, page, or business that you would like to use to partner with us, send us a direct message here on the site and let us know with a link to your channel/page/business and we will send you our current partnership programs. We look forward to hearing from you.
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