Above and Beyond : Helping Support Arkitect


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Jun 9, 2021
Mission activity, and Arkitect in general, relies on 'we the people' to keep it in operation. Mission activity is directly dependent on either patreon support, direct donations or store sales.

This post is simply to say that if any of our members or observers like what we (you and us) are trying to build with Arkitect, and are both in the financial position to contribute and feel it in your heart to do so, it would mean the world to us if you would consider joining in the movement and choosing a support option from the list below.

We know that it is truly going above and beyond in support of Arkitect, but we assure you it will not be a waste. Every donation means more time we are able to spend here on site managing operations, issuing more missions, and making necessary improvements.

If you want to help contribute to Arkitect, here are the primary methods of support.

1) Arkitect Patreon
This patreon goes directly towards team support and allows them to focus more time on project management, mission operations and network upgrades.

- Click Here to Visit our Patreon

2) Use Arkitect Stores
25% of store profits go towards funding missions. 5% go towards funding Unified Humanity Project. The limitations and drawbacks to the stores being the sole provider is while anyone in the world can participate in Missions, due to shipping limitations the stores only services US based customers. Then factor in our limited supply (which we'll constantly be working to improve) it makes the stores currently impractical to rely on to meet all of Arkitects functions. We will be working tirelessly to rectify that by constantly improving our selection and broaden our customer base. The goal is to one day have stores that can fully fund Arkitect.

- Click Here to Visit Our Shopify Store

3) Mission Patreon

- Click Here to Visit Our Mission Patreon

4) One Time Team Donation

5) One Time Mission Donation

6) Send Us Your Used Clothes

7 Use our Markteplace


Thank you once again for your consideration.

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