Meditations by Marcus Aurelius


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Jun 9, 2021
Meditations Chapter Review

- To apply for these missions, follow the application guide by clicking here.
- If you are accepted, each chapter will be considered its own separate mission will the following metrics...

Mission 1 : Read a Chapter
Mission Class : Standard Solo Mission
Mission Points rewarded : 5
Mission Payout : $4
Minimum Level to Qualify : No minimum


Ratings Rewarded
- Mission Points : 5
- Einstein Points : 5


Mission :

1) Read a chapter, and either write or record a brief review (what did you think of the chapter? Any positives? Any negatives?) when you have finished. You can post this brief review on one of the social media outlets you have verified with us. You can take down the review after we approve mission completion. The review should state that it is being done as an Arkitect mission with a link to our mission explanation page.

2) Go to our Meditations discussion section (here) and either write a portion of your favorite segment from the chapter, or write down a question that you had while reading it.
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